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Metal Roof Restoration System

A complete waterproofing system for metal roofs that inhibits rust, stops leaks and provides an energy-efficient, long-lasting and attractive finish coat for years of service. All seams are strengthened with fabric reinforcement embedded into our acrylic elastomeric roof coating. Exposed fasteners are sealed from the elements with premium caulking. The entire roof surface is protected with one of Yutzy Commercial Roofings industry-leading roof coatings. The system is an effective method for preserving an existing metal roof without the need for costly metal repair or replacement.

These Conklin MR System® protects your metal roof from the elements with a highly durable, seamless membrane. Stops leaks where they occur most by sealing all seams, fasteners and penetrations with a combination of the best acrylic elastomeric coatings on the market, strengthened with fabric reinforcement. This ensures that the elements cannot get to your most valuable items.

Our Metal Roof Restoration System Application Process


Cleaning The Substrate

Power wash and clean with Rust-Off®.



Prime with Conklin Encase® Metal Primer.



Kwik Kaulk® all fastener heads.


Reinforce Seams

Reinforce existing seams with Spunflex® or Butyl Tape and base coat


Finish Sealing

Seal entire roof with one of our approved acrylic coatings: • PUMA® XL • Benchmark® • Rapid Roof® III • Rapid Roof® HV

Metal roof restoration process.

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