Heat Loss

Heat loss is a very critical factor to consider even on a new structure!

When snow warms up, it melts! Why is this snow melting in such an irregular manner? The sun melts snow more or less evenly; not in straight lines like this.


heat loss 01

Recently I was on the roof of a brand new building, waterproofing around some AC units. This building had a low slope metal roof. It was steel frame with fiberglass batt insulation between the metal purlins and the roof steel. Now, fiberglass may be a cheap insulating material, but this photo shows a major flaw in it. Remember this is a brand new building, but already heat loss from the inside is melting the snow by each purlin. If a new metal and fiberglass roof performs like this imagine how bad a 5-year-old roof or a 20-year-old roof will be!

How to fix it? Do we really care if our heating dollars are spent heating the Great Outdoors? For those commercial roof owners who want to keep their money in their pockets, we offer Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). Add an inch (or two) of SPF and keep your money for yourself! SPF also has the added benefits of waterproofing your roof and adding strength to your roof deck. Finally, SPF will eliminate ice damming, which is a common problem in our Minnesota climate where snow will partially melt in the day, refreeze at night and thaw again the next day, at last working its way into the seam and down into your building. Foam is a long term solution to a host of problems that plague low slope and flat roofs in our extreme climate. We offer very competitive warranties with these systems and when properly maintained can be expected to last for many decades.

heat loss 02

Guess which section of this roof has SPF on it! One building, one heat source, two different roof systems.

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