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Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing Systems

A fabric reinforced membrane roofing system combines the leak-resistant seamless membrane of a liquid-applied system with the added toughness and a tensile strength of a single-ply system. 

The reinforced fabric material gives an extra layer of strength to the finished watertight coating membrane without adding any significant weight. With its reflective, energy-saving white top coat, your finished ply system stands up against tough weather and offers strong long-lasting protection. Conklin revolutionized the commercial roofing industry when they introduced white acrylic Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing Systems forever. Back when first introduced, we knew that white roof surfaces would reflect more of the sun’s heat rays than the typical more common roofing materials do. With our white roofing systems your roof will stay naturally cooler in the warmer months saving building owners up to 30% in cooling costs annually.

Our Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing System Application Process


Cleaning The Substrate

A proper and thorough cleaning of the entire roofing substrate will be done to ensure the substrate is ready to be primed.


Priming and Filling

Once the roofing substrate is fully primed Spunflex® is added into the base coat over all seams and at each penetration.


Embedding Fabric

Lastly, Fabric is embedded into another layer of the base coat and overlapped at the seams creating a seamless monolythic surface!

Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing process.

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