Cold Spring Record

Today’s project highlight was for the Cold Spring Record of Cold Spring, Minnesota.

The building is an old Butler building constructed in the 1970’s and the roof is steel with about a 2/12 pitch. A number of the screws were leaking and there were a few pipes on the roof that leaked as well.

After inspecting the roof and discussing some options with the owner, we decided a coating system would be best suited for this roof. This system comes with a full 12-year non-prorated warranty covering both materials and labor.

Roof in Cold Spring Minnesota

The first step in this system was a complete etching treatment to kill any rust and then we pressure washed it at 4,000 psi. As you can see in the photo, there was a lot of dirt accumulated! Most roofs actually have more dirt on them than you would think, which is why we always make sure to do a thorough pressure wash job. Next, we removed the pipe you see in the photo since it was obviously leaking and no longer in use.

After all the prep work had been done, we started the application of the coating system. First, we applied a primer, which will block rust and also give better adhesion for the coating. In the next step, we sealed all the seams in the metal, both horizontal and vertical, with Spunflex which is a military-grade nylon fabric. Thirdly we sealed each individual fastener with sealer which is applied with the use of the redneck-engineered machine in the photo, which we built ourselves!

metal roof caulking

The final step is coating the entire roof with the Conklin company’s Benchmark coating, which is a high grade acrylic coating which goes on at 1.9 gal/100 square feet. Once this coating is dry, it will provide a seamless barrier that keeps out rain and melting snow while remaining flexible and pliable to deal with the extreme expansion and contraction that happens in our Minnesota climate. It is also highly reflective and provides good resistance to dirt buildup.

commercial metal roof restoration a

This roof turned out great and can be expected to last many years. The nice thing about this acrylic coating is that when its lifespan is complete, we can come in and wash it off and recoat it with another coat, making this system truly renewable and sustainable and the building, owner friendly.

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